The Best Restaurant Billing Software

Every restaurant needs billing software for tracking inventory, managing payments, and automating analytics reports. Yet with so many software options out there, your restaurant might be struggling to pick just one. 

In this review, we’ll look at 8 of the most common restaurant billing software solutions and compare their pros and cons. By the time you’re done reading, your restaurant will be one step closer to choosing your next billing software!

The 8 Best Restaurant Billing Software Options – Pros and Cons


What Is It?

If your restaurant is still in its beginning stages, then Vyapar could be the billing software for you. Designed for small businesses, Vyapar isn’t only for billing, but it features accounting and inventorying as well. 

Downloadable for mobile and desktop use, the best part of Vyapar by far is how it’s free for all users. With more than five million downloads (and counting) as of this writing, many restaurant owners have used this software to grow their business.

Here are some of the features:

  • Delivery receipts
  • Payables and receivables management
  • Expense recording
  • Order tracking
  • Quotes and estimates
  • Business reports


  • Vyapar is free, which is by far its biggest advantage. For new restaurants on a tight budget, free software is a huge help.
  • You can use Vyapar whether on your restaurant’s backroom computer or your mobile devices like smartphones and tablets.
  • Downloading Vyapar is quick and easy.


  • Compared to paid restaurant billing software, Vyapar might be a little lacking in the features department.


What Is It?

Second on our list is TallyPrime, which is geared towards small to medium or SMB businesses much like Vyapar is. With more than 30 years of managing restaurants through its software, TallyPrime is favored by users in more than 100 countries. 

The features of TallyPrime are as follows:

  • Price setting at different levels
  • Support for multiple currencies
  • Customizable billing formats
  • Sales management
  • Invoicing
  • Inventory management
  • Cashflow management
  • Check printing and management
  • Reporting, including management control reports, inventory reports, financial reports, and accounting reports 

TallyPrime has two pricing plans, Silver and Gold. The Silver plan is for single users on a standalone computer. You’d pay $81 for three months, $153 for six months, or $306 for 12 months.

The Gold plan for multiple users costs $243 for three months, $459 for six months, or $918 for 12 months.


  • TallyPrime is a very comprehensive business management software that should meet the needs of your restaurant in its first year or so.
  • You can download a free demo of TallyPro to get a feel for its services before you commit to using it. 
  • The software produces reports for you with KPIs that matter to your restaurant. 


  • TallyPro isn’t intended specifically for restaurants, so you might find some of the features aren’t entirely applicable to your establishment.
  • The prices in the Gold plan get incredibly expensive very quickly!

Gofrugal Restaurant POS

What Is It?

Gofrugal was founded in 2004 and specializes in areas such as distribution businesses, retail, and restaurants. To design its restaurant POS software, Gofrugal did field studies that considered all sorts of real-life restaurant scenarios.

As a point of sale (POS) and kitchen order ticket (KOT) software, Gofrugal says their software can help your restaurant maintain consistent prices if you have more than one location. You can also use Gofrugal to track purchases and create recipe standards so your dishes are consistent. Their software also comes in handy for auditing and reviewing your business performance.

Here is the full list of features included with a Gofrugal subscription:

  • Online order management
  • Pricing and menu edits
  • Inventory management
  • Recipe management
  • Kitchen order tracking
  • Table management

You can select from four Gofrugal pricing plans. The Starter plan has four hours of service and costs $375 per month. The Standard plan is $625 per month, the Professional plan is $1,500 per month, and the ERP plan for large businesses is custom priced, requiring a quote.


  • Gofrugal is a POS and KOT all in one, which is convenient. 
  • You can even integrate this POS so it generates your online orders as soon as they come in.
  • Keep track of your restaurant metrics on the go with Gofrugal’s app available on the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.


  • Gofrugal, despite being intended for restaurants at all levels, doesn’t lower its pricing for a bakeshop versus a sit-down restaurant. 
  • The cost to use this service is quite high once you get into the more expensive plans. So much for being frugal!  


What Is It?

The founders of POSist weren’t pleased with the restaurant automation solutions that existed at the time, so they decided to make their own. That became the basis of POSist, a POS software that automates back-end tasks so restaurant owners can pay more attention to the highly visible front end.

From fine dining establishments to pizza places, food courts, and cafés, many types of restaurants use POSist to manage their everyday expenses, orders, and customer needs. Some POSist customers should be quite familiar to you, such as Taco Bell, Haagen-Dazs, and Sbarro.

This is what POSist’s software can do for your restaurant:

  • Track table turnover time
  • Produce bills, including split bills
  • Determine the most popular menu items
  • Generate kitchen order tickets
  • Inventory management 

POSist doesn’t share its pricing structure on its website, although it’s inferred that this software isn’t free.


  • Serving some of the biggest names in restaurants, POSist could be the right restaurant billing software for you too!
  • POSist offers free personalized demos that are customized according to the information you provide in their online contact form. 
  • POSist has automated features that will save you more time as a busy restaurant owner. 


  • With no information about POSist’s pricing, it’s hard to say whether their services are considered affordable for restaurant owners on a tight budget.

Just Billing

What Is It?

EffiaSoft produces Just Billing, an ERP and billing software for small businesses like your restaurant. When you grow to a medium-sized business, Just Billing is still equipped to manage your workload, track your billing, and keep your restaurant operations going as smooth as glass.

Should your restaurant open several more locations, you can manage all the chains with cloud POS features. You’ll feel like you’re at each of your restaurant locations even though that’s not physically possible! You can also use automation that will win back more of the precious time you need to maintain your restaurant.

Want to know more about the features of Just Billing? Here’s the list:

  • Automated payment, purchase, and sales reconciliation
  • Auto-updated accounting and inventorying 
  • Tap to bill
  • Invoices via email or SMS
  • Auto-inventorying
  • Business reporting 

Just Billing offers subscriptions for different hardware options. Their Windows, Android, or iOS subscription costs $190 for a year.


  • Most of Just Billing’s features are automated, which is hugely beneficial for time savings and schedule management.
  • Just Billing is designed to reduce the rate of human error so your bills and reporting numbers are more accurate every time.
  • Just Billing is very low-priced, especially compared to the astronomical prices we’ve seen on this list. 


  • Just Billing doesn’t include KOT software.


What Is It?

Are you having a hard time receiving payments from inventory vendors? With ReliaBills, those days can be behind you. Their software promises more paid invoices since you can auto-bill your clients. 

To use ReliaBills, you need to follow only three steps. Make your invoice, let ReliaBills send the invoice, and then they’ll do the processing for you while the money goes into your restaurant’s pocket. 

If that sounds good to you, then check out these other features of ReliaBills:

  • Automated invoice sending, such as monthly, quarterly, or annually
  • Auto-payment processing
  • Recurring invoices
  • Failed payment recovery notifications
  • Payment history
  • Statement generation
  • Bill reporting

ReliaBills has a free plan that still allows you to send unlimited emails and invoices on their software. 

The Plus plan for $24.95 per month has more features, including automated late fees, automated reversed payment fees, a virtual payment terminal, automated failed payment recovery, chargeback recovery, and auto collection notifications.


  • ReliaBills’ customer portal includes all sorts of useful information such as your payment info, your personal account info, the history of invoices sent, and how many of them are still outstanding.
  • With ReliaBills’ failed payment recovery, even elusive clients who don’t want to pay will find it harder to wriggle free.
  • ReliaBills has some of the most affordable services we’ve discussed. 


  • The free plan, while certainly tempting, doesn’t have any protection against failed or bounced payments, so think twice about whether you want to use it! 


What Is It?

RestoERP should also be on your radar. You can select from three versions of this billing software, including the Basic version for a single outlet establishment, Enterprise for dine-in restaurants, and Corporate for larger establishments. 

The dine-in portal will help you and your restaurant staff stay on top of who’s dining in at any one time, what they ordered, if they’ve received their bill yet, and if that bill has been paid. If yours is a home-delivery establishment, you can increase your delivery speed to enhance customer satisfaction.

RestoERP even has something for restaurants accepting takeaway orders from platforms like Swiggy or Zomato. As an order comes in, RestoERP will track it as well as the rate of delivery and the payment details. You’ll get order reminders so all your customers get their food fast.

The other features of RestoERP are:

  • Dynamic Menu Creation
  • Automated GST calculations
  • Reminders
  • Customer records
  • Reporting
  • Dynamic Bill Formats
  • Excel report exporting
  • Auto recovery and backup

The Basic plan costs $101 per month, the Enterprise plan is $182 per month, and the Corporate plan costs $345 per month.


  • Unlike some of the software solutions we’ve discussed, which are for SMBs only, RestoERP can scale up with you. 
  • RestoERP prices its services based on the size of your business so you’re not paying too much if you’re a smaller establishment.
  • The roster of features available in this software is quite full-bodied. 


  • RestoERP could offer support for more takeaway services than it currently does.  


What Is It?

The last restaurant billing software on our list is LimeTray, which is a customer relationship management or CRM, POS, and online ordering software all rolled into one. More than 4,500 restaurants choose LimeTray for their POS needs, including Burger King and Russo’s New York Pizzeria.

When online orders come in through your website, you can review the orders in real-time. Flexible payment options let your customers pay in a way that works for them. Within LimeTray, you can customize the items on your menu, add images for each item on the menu, send discounts, and create a loyalty rewards program.

For all your restaurant’s POS needs, LimeTray also delivers. You can look at customer histories, track cash management, review inventory, and switch from one restaurant franchise to another as applicable. 

Each LimeTray feature costs $35 a pop and you pay that fee monthly.  


  • LimeTray isn’t very expensive, yet it still has a phenomenal amount of features that your restaurant will use all the time.
  • Not only can you bill faster and more accurately with LimeTray, but you can better understand your customers as well. 
  • Some of the biggest brands in food use LimeTray!


  • You cannot download a free trial of LimeTray before you begin using it, so you have to know what you want. 


There you have it, 8 common restaurant billing software solutions and their pros and cons. Whether you need a low-cost or even a no-cost software right now or your restaurant can afford to splurge a little, you can’t go wrong with any of the software options on this list for all your restaurant’s billing needs! 

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